Sip, slurp, burp!

The ultimate ‘perc’ for when you’re running late - enjoy a Leafy Greens hot coffee or tea with healthier alternatives to sugar and dairy. Also available iced for when things heat up!


Boost - (500ml) - R45, (250ml) - R25

Orange, carrot, pineapple, ginger.

Renew - (500ml) - R45, (250ml) - R25

Kale, spinach, apple, lemon, ginger.

Build - (500ml) - R45, (250ml) - R25

Beetroot, carrot, pineapple, ginger, lemon.

Refresh - (500ml) - R45, (250ml) - R25

Apple, cucumber, celery, lemon, parsley, aloe.

Burn - (500ml) - R45, (250ml) - R25

Tomato, beetroot, carrot, peppers, lemon.

Apple Sherbet - (500ml) - R45, (250ml) - R25

Apple, lemon, lemon zest.


Chocolate Bliss - (500ml) - R55, (250ml) - R35

Raw cacao powder, banana, dates, maca, almonds.

Leafy Green - (500ml) - R55, (250ml) - R32

Leafy greens from our garden , almonds, dates, banana, moringa, maca, pineapple.

Wondermix - (500ml) - R55, (250ml) - R30

Bananas, pineapple, spirulina, chia seeds, kale, orange juice

Aloe Berry - (500ml) - R55, (250ml) - R35

Mixed berries, goji berries, aloe vera, dates, cashews.

Tropical Tang - (500ml) - R55, (250ml) - R25

Mixed seasonal fruit, coconut milk, dates, orange juice.

Almond Butter - (500ml) - R55, (250ml) - R25

Raw almond butter, pea and hemp, protein powder, bananas, dates, maca, mesquite, lemon juice.

To Drink

Cooldrinks R15 to R45

home-made ice tea, fresh mozambique coconut, still water, camunade, lemon aloe cordial, coconut water & Antonia's Kombucha.

Hot Drinks - R22 to R35

Cappuccino, Malted Carob, Filter, Americano or Espresso, Double Espresso, Hot Chocolate & Carob Chai

Tonics (50ml) - R20 to R26

Organic Wheatgrass, Ginger and Apple, Turmeric Ginger, Coconut Probiotic & Detoxing Charcoal.

fresh juice

Nut Milks

Chocolate Brazil Nut Milk (500ml) - R55, (250ml) - R35

Raw brazil nuts, water, dates, vanilla, rock salt

Strawberry Almond Milk (500ml) - R55, (250ml) - R35

Almonds, water, strawberries, organic coconut blossom nectar.



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