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At Leafy Greens we support sustainable, organic agriculture and responsible business practices. This reflects our deep respect and love for the planet and for those around us. We use organic ingredients wherever possible, and guarantee that our products are free from refined sugars, dairy and added preservatives. Better yet, they are mostly gluten-free.

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Breakfast Buffet

Our famous Leafy Greens weekend breakfast buffet is the perfect launchpad for a busy Saturday or more relaxed Sunday.

Help yourself to a generous portion of everything you need, from good sources of protein to clean carbs and healthy fats.

Our buffet changes with the seasons, but could include any of these delicious organic ingredients and dishes: Gluten-free pancakes; coconut yoghurt, fruit salad, chia seeds, millet porridge, bircher muesli, tofu scramble and nut butters. In other words, everything your body requires to rise and shine!


Avocado Toast - R55

Home baked sourdough or gluten-free toast with avocado, tomato, rocket, balsamic reduction and herbs.

Chocolate Banana Toast - R55

Sweet potato “ toast”, sliced banana, homemade chocolate nut butter, cinnamon, raw honey.

Protein Bircher Breakfast - R62

Oats, chia seeds, hemp seeds, pea protein, almond butter, almond milk, apple, orange juice, raw honey.

Fermented Red Rice Pancakes - R72

Served with maple syrup, fresh fruit, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream.(Please allow 20-30 minutes to make this item.)

Le Lunch Buffet

We design our lunch buffet around what we have in our garden. Our ingredients are mostly organic, local and seasonal. We only use the best of everything!

We offer over 30 different dishes to choose from. 90% of our dishes are gluten-free. All dishes are 100% dairy-free. We do not use any refined sugars. We offer a small plate or a large plate at a per plate price. Seconds and extra large servings may be charged for.

We trust that you enjoy our handcrafted, farm to table style offer-ings, that nourish body, soul and mind!


Mexican Protein Wrap - R72

Grain-free wrap, Mexican spiced beans, guacamole, salsa, lettuce, coriander, homemade sour cream.

Rice Paper Rolls - R59

Rice noodles, avocado, carrots, coriander. Served with a creamy soy dipping sauce.

Organic Kale Salad - R55

Served with a maple chipotle cashew dressing, sliced carrots, red pepper and organic hemp seeds.

Baked Pizza - R125

Gluten-free base with toppings of your choice. spinach, olives, garlic, fresh tomato, rocket, avocado, eggplant, onion, artichokes, peppers.

Dragon Roll Sushi - R75

Sourdough toast, dairy-free cheese and tomato.

Bunless Beetroot Burger - R69

Homemade beetroot and bean patty, with vegan BBQ sauce, greens, sprouts, avocado, salsa and artisan mustard.



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