7 Day organ cleanse

Barbara Leiman with smoothie
7 October 2017


Barbara Leiman has made it her lifelong mission to share with other people the health secrets she’s discovered. We’re delighted to welcome her to Leafy Greens Café so that we can learn from her about her revolutionary 7-day organ cleanse programme. It’s the fresh start your body has been waiting for.

Barbara’s holistic approach to health is completely in tune with the Leafy Greens philosophy, and connects mind, body and spirit. Cleansing just one of these will help of course, but it’s only when all three are addressed together that true health breakthroughs become possible.

Mind management helps to wash away negative thoughts and self-image; body cleansing addresses the effects of what we eat and how we live, and the section on emotional healing and loss helps purge the spirit of the negative consequences of anger and grief. Barbara’s focus will free you to participate more fully in life, to respond in more positive ways to events and people, and to feel free to express yourself and your body in more affirmative ways.

"Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners."

Just R850 per person, including a light lunch and revitalising green juice on arrival. We recommend you wear comfortable clothes as gentle yoga movements are a vital part of the cleansing process.