Introducing events to better nourish the body, soul and mind

Join us for regular classes, discussions and workshops focused on healthy eating and a positive approach to life. We regularly invite holistic wellness experts to share with us the secrets of living a more energised, stress-free and happy life. Plus, we often like to divulge tricks of the trade from the Leafy Greens kitchen, and share delicious buffet meals and rejuvenating juices with everyone who attends.

Our events, talks and workshops tend to fill up quickly and to ensure they remain a personal and enjoyable experience, we sometimes have to limit the numbers. To avoid disappointment, please always book in advance.

Greek Vegetarian Cooking Class

Pop-up Leafy Greens Café

We love words almost as much as we love food – they help us share the joy of living well. Pop into our pop-up Leafy Greens Café at the NIROX words festival and enjoy food worth writing home about.

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zumba dancers in studio


Experience the flavours and joyful approach to food and life of this sun-drenched Mediterranean island. A cuisine influenced by Nature and the many civilisations which have passed by, and tastes of sunshine!

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zumba dancers in studio


It’s the first gathering of the Jozi conscious dance community – and you’re invited. An entire day of facilitated dance, leading to a free-flow evening party with DJs. Move, have fun and experience bliss.

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The droughts that we’ve experienced across South Africa in recent months have shown us once again how important water is – but we still waste far too much of it. In this free webinar, water saving expert Alosha of Bio Veda shows you how to create a wetland in your garden that will help you recover up to 21 000 litres of bath or shower water per month for watering your organic veggies or flushing your loos. Click on the button to learn how.



Enjoy Leafy Greens your way

Leafy Greens is also the perfect place to get away from it all and share special moments with families, friends and colleagues. Whether you’re looking to organise a conference or a birthday party that’s a real celebration of life, contact us today to see how we can help make your dream event a green event, and a reality.


So much to take away

Our events are packed with goodness and knowledge to take away.

Get Social

Spend time with like-minded people who value their health, are brimful of energy, love life and are open to learning. We call them friends.

Be Healthy

Learn how to switch to an organic plant-based diet without compromising on enjoyment, and how to incorporate superfoods into everyday meals.

Do Good

Inspire others with your energy and positive attitude to life, and be the transformation you want to see in the world.