Giving Back

Adding Zest to Life

At Leafy Greens, we’re generous souls who like to share the gifts we receive from nature, whether it’s lemons or wisdom. And we won’t charge you a cent!

At Leafy Greens, we believe that eating well needn’t cost the earth. That’s why we use only the finest seasonal ingredients for our plant-based recipes. We work with nature, not against it, and you can taste the results in every mouthful – especially as so many of our ingredients are grown right here.

We also believe in sharing our philosophy and ideas as widely as possible, which is why we're letting everyone download 10 pages from the inspirational Leafy Greens recipe book (available soon). We also hold regular one-day sales in the Leafy Greens Shop with generous discounts on selected products.

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Plastic pollution really sucks...

AAnd that’s why we’re doing our best here at Leafy Greens to reduce how much plastic we use. As a first step, we’ve stopped automatically giving you a plastic straw when you order one of our delicious smoothies or cleansing juices. Instead, enjoy your drink straight from the glass or with a sundae spoon to help you get every last bit of deliciousness out. Single-use plastic items are a disaster for the environment and wildlife, and a terrible waste of precious resources. Millions of drinking straws end up in our oceans every year so we felt we had to do something. We’ll still give you a straw if you insist, but we hope you won’t mind paying an extra R2 for it. Alternatively, gulp down that goodness or invest just R65 in a stainless-steel immortal straw for life. Whatever you do, don’t suck.

Fruit in our garden

At Leafy Greens, we’re constantly delighted by the generosity of Nature.The earth’s bounty is at the heart of everything we do, and we consider ourselves blessed with so much abundance. From time to time we’re able to give away some of the surplus produce from our incredibly fertile veggie gardens - by letting our friends have some of our leafy greens for free, we hope to encourage people to do good and eat well. The only condition is that you must please bring reusable bags!


Going to the Dogs - in the best possible way

As part of our commitment to giving back, and helping to improve lives, the proceeds from Antonia’s talk in East London on 21 October will be donated to the Buckaroo Project. It’s a brilliant way to set tails wagging. The Buckaroo Project is all about community outreach with the goal of better living conditions for township dogs.

Inspired by artist Marlene Neumann’s love for dogs, the Buckaroo Project regularly visits the informal settlements close to her home in the Buffalo City Municipality. The first Buckaroo success story was the refurbishment of the East London SPCA, to make conditions there better for rescue dogs. Now the Buckaroo Project focuses on sterilisations to reduce the number of unwanted (and unloved) puppies being born into tough lives on the streets; and treatment for undernourished dogs.

A crucial component of the Buckaroo Project is educating owners on the best ways to care for their canine companions. By attending Antonia’s East London talk, you’ll be playing your part – and if you’d like to donate directly or get more involved, you can contact Marlene Neumann directly on 083 321 3391, email her at or check out her website or Facebook page.



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