Milks & Tonics


Let's begin with tonics

Leafy Greens tonics are the ideal complementary product to enhance your juice cleanse. Each 50ml shot costs just R25 and we recommend including a different tonic on each day of your juice cleanse. Refresh, rehydrate, fight flu and chase toxins away with these amazingly powerful tiny shots of concentrated goodness. Try our organic wheatgrass shot – it’s full of the building blocks of life!

Give it your best shot.

Wheatgrass Shot

The builder... Our organic wheatgrass shot, grown in our garden should be part of your daily diet. It contains all minerals known to man and is extremely high in protein. It contains up to 70% chlorophyll which is an important blood builder. As an extra, it arrests the growth and development of unfriendly bacteria, leaving your system stronger and healthier. Enjoy its sweet flavour and feel the tingle as it passes through your body.

Turmeric Ginger Shot

Got flu? We have the shot for you and this shot doesn't require any needles. This well-researched combination of ingredients will sort out any flu bug. Turmeric is an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-carcinogenic and contains lipopolysaccharide which is an immune stimulant. Raw honey is packed with phytonutrients, lemon is high in vitamin C and ginger helps fight flu. A touch of cayenne pepper breaks up and moves congested mucus clearing your system out. Go ahead, take your shot.

Ginger Shot

One ingredient with endless benefits. Ginger reduces nausea, fights flu, aids digestion, helps reduce exercise induced muscle pain, treats indigestion, clears your stomach of all impurities and contains bioactive compounds that positively benefits your body and brain.

Blue Green Mojito

This refreshing, rehydrating shot is a great way to consume your much needed Blue Green Algae. Loaded with vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E this ingredient is a must. It also relieves fatigue, boosts immune system and improves exercise tolerance. Cucumber, lemon, mint and apple gives it a fresh flavour and completes this building and cleansing shot.

Charcoal Shot

Activated charcoal has been used in ancient medicine. It prevents the gastrointestinal absorption of toxins and eliminates already absorbed toxins. Due to its ability to absorb thousands of times its own weight, it works wonders in your body. Lemon, loaded with phytonutrients, supports your system and rounds off the process.

Coconut Probiotic

Coconut water is more effective in hydrating the body than any other sports/energy drink. Combined with probiotics and coconut meat, this tonic is designed to support your entire body. Probiotics stimulate immune response, repopulate your digestive tract with helpful bacteria and prevents bad bacteria from invading your urinary tract. Probiotic in Greek means 'pro' - promotion, 'biotic' - life Recommended for recovery during and after an antibiotic course.

No lactose, and it shows!

Packed full of healthy protein, nuts have always been one of our favourite ingredients here at Leafy Greens. So, you can imagine how much we love these nutritious nut milks – the perfect alternative to dairy for anyone who’s looking to cut out lactose and move to a more plant-based diet.

Vanilla Cashew Milk

Cashews are creamy nuts that maintain healthy gums and teeth. They eliminate damaging free radicals and helps the body utilise iron. This nut milk is sweetened with raw honey, flavoured with lemon and rock salt and boosted with vanilla – which helps regulate your metabolism making this the perfect go-to drink at any time of day.

Chocolate Almond Milk

We all cherish our childhood memories of chocolate milkshakes. Well, now you can make adulthood memories with our guilt free, dairy free milk. Cacao produces high energy levels due to its concentration of magnesium. It boosts the serotonin levels in your brain leaving you feeling happy. Sweetened with LOW GI coconut nectar containing raw living enzymes, there is no reason to not have it all to yourself.

Strawberry Almond Milk

Made with only three ingredients, this delicious 'no-milk-milkshake' will leave you wanting more. Strawberries are powerful heart health boosters which contain ellagic acid and flavonoids to counteract bad cholesterol in your blood. It's high vitamin C content makes it a powerful, fast-working antioxidant. The combination of creamy almond milk and coconut nectar makes this pink drink irresistible!

Choc Brazil Nut Milk

In need of something new? Here it is... With nutrient dense Brazil nuts that are high in omega 3 fatty acid, loaded with fibre to support a healthy digestive system and a great source of selenium that plays a major role in the functioning of your thyroid gland, you can enjoy this milk alone or added to any smoothie.

Almond Nut Milk

Almonds and water combined to make an amazing milk substitute – who knew? Almonds are high in protein and help to stabilise your blood sugar after meals. They contain phosphorus to build strong bones and teeth, along with flavonoids and vitamin E to boost your brain activity. You’ll find all sorts of excuses to enjoy our freshly-made almond milk, whether on your breakfast, in smoothies, in your coffee or just as it is.