Revolutionary Healing Touch: OFT Levels 1&2

As soul centered human beings, we can all learn how to create the conditions for extraordinary and lasting healing in the NOW. Join Original Feeling Touch (OFT) founder Andrew Kenneth Fretwell on this 2 day hands-on intensive training, where he will share his experience of over 30 years in creating those conditions.

What you will learn & experience during the 2 days training:

OFT Level 1

  • How to support the body in entering the healing parasympathetic state of deep relaxation and deep natural breathing.
  • How identity level trauma is created in our childhood and further back as soul memories.
  • How to create safety for the nervous system through unconditional touch and being an example of ‘No Harm, No Shame, No Guilt, No Blame. (This one principle alone creates extraordinary peace in human beings.)
  • Why lasting healing is beyond the fixing of painful symptoms, and involves the whole being. Painful symptoms always resolve when the original trauma is addressed.

OFT Level 2:

  • The most effective OFT Essence touch applications on the abdomen, to get in touch with hidden energetic charges (undigested trauma) in the body. Andrew has evolved these natural teachings to new levels of effectiveness based on his experience of giving sessions to over 5,000 bodies over a 30 year time period.
  • Understanding the Liver’s energetic function in our body, as the protector that stores undigested painful experiences that we did not have the support to process in our past. In the same way, the liver stores very toxic substances until our body can eliminate them safely.
  • Entraining the Liver’s Chi to relax and release control so the life force flows freely in the body and the rational mind can let go. (No rational need to know why or what.)
  • How tension stored in the jaw is related to the Liver and our valid need to control life and constrict breathing. (OFT directly impacts TMJ symptoms at their root.)
  • Enhance breathing and get in touch with hidden feelings by opening the 4 corners of the Large Intestine.
  • Releasing the diaphragm and pelvic floor to go deeper into the unconscious.
  • Opening and detoxifying the body through the navel and small intestine.
  • How to support and guide people through difficult feelings.
  • Emotional Anatomy from the Taoist Inner Alchemy approach.

The 6 Conditions For Lasting Healing in the NOW:

  1. Earth: Safety so we can quiet the mind.
  2. Wood: Quiet the mind so we can feel fully (we cannot think and feel at the same time – it’s impossible.)
  3. Metal: Permission to feel fully and validate what we feel.
  4. Fire: Raise the level of appreciation for what we feel to the sacred, NO MORE DENIAL
  5. Water: Transformation and lasting healing by the surge of energy which was used to keep painful feelings hidden and is now released back into our life for more enjoyment of life.
  6. Earth: Integration, through accepting the deep changes.

The above 6 conditions the whole training group will go through.

The 5 Natural Soul intelligences:

The 5 Natural Soul intelligences (life skills) we are all born with, and how the organ systems in the body, when traumatized by undigested emotional experiences, corrupt the Natural Soul virtues and essence.

Inner Alchemy Meditation & Qigong Practices:

Taught to strengthen and ground your energy body, so you can be more effective in applying OFT:

  • 5 Phase Chanting to develop our neutral compassionate centre.
  • Deep Earth Pulsing.
  • Bone Breathing Meditation to enhance relaxation and the recharge of the water element in our body.

Who is this training for?

This course is for anyone who wants to understand the healing process in a deeper and more practical way. Therefore, it is ideal for anyone in the therapeutic and counselling professions, or anyone who just wants to feel more alive and connected to life.

Even if you’re not a body-worker you will benefit greatly from this course because the whole group is led through the healing process and you get to actually witness your own and others’ healing journey in a safe space.

Andrew’s courses over the years have acquired the reputation for creating very safe spaces where everyone who attends feels validated in their own journey.

This course is also ideal for anyone who feels that even though they understand many things about their past and what happened to them, there is still a sense that something has not been fully completed.

Finally this course is for you, if you recognise that behind all seeking and healing, is the longing for eternal love.

The heart of every human being is connected to the pure eternal love at the core of existence, and every time we heal a small part of our heart, the eternal love that was always there is released back into our life.

Receiving or learning OFT is really a deep understanding of what forgiveness means for each of us, as we get in touch with the undigested energetic charges in our body that we all carry.

Fee includes freshly pressed juices and a delicious vegetarian lunch on both days.

  • Early bird: R2250 before 1 November
  • From 1 November: R2500

Book for both this workshop and the Tai Chi for Enlightenment workshop (23 and 24 November) and pay:

  • Before 1 November: R4200
  • From 1 November: R4500

Facilitator: OFT Founder Andrew Fretwell


Nov 30 2019 - Dec 01 2019


9:30 am - 6:30 pm



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