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Learn the original 800 year old lineage form of Chang San Feng, the 13th century founder of Tai Chi. This 15 minute form is easy to learn, yet uniquely powerful. It’s totally different from Tai Chi martial or soft “health” styles taught today.

Its ancient name was “WuJi Gong”. It literally means “develops skill for entering the Supreme Mystery”. It is often translated as “Primordial Qigong” or “Primordial Tai Chi”.

Qigong is the historical Mother of Tai Chi. It was done for health and spiritual development and is much older than Tai Chi done for martial self-defense. WuJi Gong or Tai Chi for Enlightenment was China’s best kept secret until now.

Tai Chi for Enlightenment gradually dissolves all the physical and karmic layers of tension in both your physical and Energy Body.

It ultimately opens up a profound inner space inside your body, where your Original Spirit, the “face of your soul before you were born”, can reveal itself. This inner space is called “WuJi” (Supreme Unknown).

WuJi Gong or Tai Chi for Enlightenment form is so magical that almost anyone who does it – has profound feelings of deep soul centering and expanded chi flow. These can best be described as enlightenment experiences. More incredible, it doesn’t go away, but gets better with practice. Repeat practice of the form deepens the blissful sense of peace, the feeling of returning to your true inner self.

Who may practice it

Any age, race, sex or religious group. No previous training in any form of Tai Chi, Qigong, or meditation is required. Both the sick and weak as well as healthy and strong benefit from it.

Although the form is designed for Enlightenment, it has many beneficial medical effects. Dr. Zhu Hui who originally introduced the form to the west, had a major clinic in China, and used it to treat more than ten types of chronic diseases, especially heart diseases and high blood pressure, and for people with weak kidneys or chi deficiency. This form puts no stress on the physical body and uses easy weight shifts and balanced movements to activate the Energy Body. It is so simple to practice you literally don’t even have to think. This “not thinking” state is also one of the pre-requisites to allowing your own Enlightenment process to naturally unfold!

The design of this very simple to learn form incorporates every aspect of Tao theory: Yin-Yang body channels, 5 Elements vital organ and seasonal cycles, feng shui (directionology) of the 8 Trigram forces (Pakua), water and fire alchemy, the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Branches of the Chinese calendar, body-spirit and microcosm-macrocosm resonance, Taoist sexual-numerology, jing-chi-shen-wu stages of inner alchemy, Tai Chi body movement principles, Original Chi -Tai Chi -Wuji cosmology. It is truly amazing how much is packed into one tiny little form!

This once secret Tai Chi form can be considered one of the crown jewels of China’s spiritual development, the result of generations of previous Tao masters focusing deeply on developing a practical science of change.

Andrew Keneth Fretwell is a direct lineage holder of WuJi Gong and has shared this form all over the world.

The fee includes freshly pressed juices and a delicious vegetarian lunch on both days.

  • Early bird: R2250 before 1 November
  • R2500 from 1 November

Book for both this workshop and the ‘Revolutionary Healing Touch: OFT Levels 1&2’ workshop (30 November and 1 December) and pay:

  • Before 1 November: R4200
  • From 1 November: R4500

Facilitator: Andrew Fretwell www.wuji-gong.org


Nov 23 2019 - Nov 24 2019


10:00 am - 6:00 pm



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Leafy Greens Cafe


Robyn Engelbrecht
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