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The Leafy Greens food philosophy is closely aligned to the ancient rural advice: “eat real food, mostly plants, and not too much”. This same wisdom underpins the cuisine of some of the healthiest cultures in the world, from the Mediterranean to Asia. We see growing, preparing and serving real food as a profound way of expressing our love and gratitude for Nature.

We are only too aware of the difference between food that comes from plants, and food that comes from a plant or factory.  Too much of the commercially available food in our supermarkets bears very little resemblance to real food. Over-processed and over-packaged, it has been stripped of any goodness it once contained.

Instead, it’s often filled with chemicals, refined sugars, GMO ingredients and preservatives that could be doing untold harm to our health. At Leafy Greens, we follow a very different (garden) path.

Our food philosophy is defined by respect for the earth and for human health; by curiosity about our minds, bodies and souls, and by a determination to make things a little bit better, one plant-based dish at a time.

Our is to reconnect people to Nature through the enjoyment of living foods. We help people to experience fresh flavours free from guilt or anxiety, and to enjoy feeling more positive, energetic, and better able to meet the challenges of everyday life. We want to show you that far from being restrictive, a vegan or vegetarian diet opens up a world of delicious, nutritious possibilities and can transform your relationship with food, your body, and our planet. It’s time to open your mind, heart and mouth to the quiet revolution that’s sweeping our fields and streets.

Welcome to Leafy Greens Cafe

Not far from the city, but a world away, something is stirring on our Muldersdrift farm. As the seasons rotate, sun, rain and soil combine to create the perfect environment for organic fruit and vegetables to grow. These are the raw ingredients that inspire the chefs in Leafy Greens kitchen to create seasonal, fresh and nutritious meals that make eating well a real pleasure.

For folks who live further afield, we create hundreds of handmade meals every week and ship them to health food stores and supermarkets countrywide. The Leafy Greens team lovingly makes freshly squeezed juices to help people detox, and catering platters for special events. Meanwhile our Antonia’s brand is your guarantee of the nest quality raw, dehydrated snacks, stoneground nut butters, and fresh-from-the-earth jams and preserves.

Just like the bees that naturally pollinate our plants, we’re happiest when we’re busy. That could explain the happy buzz and great vibe you’ll feel when you visit us, whatever the season. Because we’re curious about the world around us, we like to experiment with different ingredients to create new dishes. We often visit our local communities, doing our best to improve every life we touch.
Lemon tree

Even in winter, our garden provides.

At Leafy Greens, we keep things fresh by changing our menu as each new season rolls around, to make the most of the fresh, seasonal produce from our vegetable garden.

Fresh, local produce is better for you and better for our planet – there are no chemicals or excess packaging involved, and we can really cut down on the food miles (it’s just a short stroll from our orchard and garden to our kitchen – perhaps just as well, as it’s a journey we often make several times a day!

Having a farm on our doorsteps also has other benefits: it contributes to a calm, tranquil environment in which to work, relax, eat and dream. With life in abundance all around us, we’re reminded at every turn just how much we have to be grateful for, and how much we want to share with friends old and new.

cause green is the new black


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